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more Picitures!

2009-03-08 03:50:26 by UncleChris

first off, I am fully aware that I spelled "pictures" incorrectly. Secondly, here are new cast pictures from
the cartoons that I'm working on.

more Picitures!

new pictures!

2009-01-09 15:44:42 by UncleChris

Here is the group pic from my new cartoon, I think it's comming along nicely.

new pictures!

short attention span-itis

2008-10-03 18:59:02 by UncleChris

I'm making a new cartoon even though I haven't even finished one of my other ones! YEAY!
Here's a picture of its main characters.

short attention span-itis

For anyone who cares

2008-06-19 18:06:10 by UncleChris

For anyone out there who cares, here is a picture from robot wars. These are two of the main robots Killbot 13 and Killbot 21 (21 is the one facing away from the screen).

For anyone who cares


2008-06-11 05:00:02 by UncleChris

now that my xbox gave me the red ring of death I have time to make my cartoons! HUZZAH!!
Now, no one may care about this but I'm excited and I hope that when they do come out someone will like them.

Mac vs PC

2008-06-08 15:21:21 by UncleChris

Okay, so I'm thinking of getting a mac, not to replace my PC but to help take some of the work load off of it (namely in the flash and audio making department). so what does everybody say? sould I spend my money on a mac, or keep on truckin with my PC???

A grinding hault.

2008-06-01 02:16:00 by UncleChris

Okay, so things have come to a grinding hault because I am not only NOT getting a new computer as was origionally planed and between getting a job and house work I can't find time to animate anything. There is also the problem of my voice actors not doing their jobs.

On the upside, here's a picture of the loading page for drinkaholics!!

Oh! and new season of Venture Bros starts tomarrow, sweet.

A grinding hault.

okay so... here's the plan!

2008-05-25 02:47:32 by UncleChris

Okay so my friend Charlie is supposed to do some of the voices for my cartoons but isn't becuase he's a lazy bastard. Due to this unfortunate event many of my cartoons are being delayed. Even though robot wars won't have him as a voice actor I haven't been working on it because I've been to busy to work on cartoons. I have also started a new cartoon about the dangers of beer! It's called Drinkoholics.
Production update:
Robot Wars: 15%
Frack This-10%

That's it so far, hopefully I won't start any new ones until I finish some of these.

Well, no one probably cares but I am currently working on three flash cartoons.
Robot Wars- coming along nicely and will hopefully be finished in a few weeks or less.
Frack This- Put on hold until robot wars is finished.
Wonder- Put on hold until my lazy ass voice actor will do the FRIGGIN LINES!!!

so that's it!